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Bart Trotter - Fiddle Player

About Bart Trotter & Bart’s Recordings

Bart Trotter - Fiddle PlayerBart Trotter Fiddle Player – I have been playing the fiddle professionally for over 30 years. During that time, I have traveled all over the United States competing in fiddle contests and performing with bands. I have won the National Old Time Fiddlers Association National Championship 5 times, The S.P.B.M.A. National Championship, and was the 1986 World Champion Fiddle player. I have recorded 13 different fiddle albums and been on countless sessions with various artists. I currently have my last 3 recordings available. “Back To Back” an awesome instrumental recording featuring: Myself, Gary Cook, Wild Bill Lyell, Jerry Thomasson and Jayson Jones. This recording was made at No Mountain Studio in Midland, Texas and is currently available in MP3 download format only. “It’s About Time” a great instrumental recording featuring: Myself, Johnny Gimble, Dave Peters, Steve Smith, Lloyd Maines, Paul Goad, John Brock, Cindy Hobbs, James Hobbs and Mark Rubin. This recording was made at Tree House Studio in Austin, Texas and is currently available in MP3 download format only. I also have my latest CD “Along For The Ride”. This is a Western Swing recording featuring: Myself, Rick McRae, Cindy Cashdollar, Danny Levin, Terry Hale and Wes Starr. This recording is available in both MP3 downloads and CD, and was recorded at Tequila Mockingbird Studio in Austin, Texas.